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E-mail: c s ng (at) ryerson dot ca (and then with no spaces)<br>
Twitter: [!/TheRealArty TheRealArty]
Described as "keen" and "gung-ho", I don't participate a great deal on the mailing list or on IRC. My general excuse is that I'm not a programmer. I generally consider myself the type of web services librarian type that can dabble in doing stuff with the willingness to learn more. Nevertheless, I contribute where I can, founding and organizing the local code4lib Toronto group and volunteering for the 2013 national conference.
I'm a recent graduate of the University of British Columbia (UBC) School of Library, Archives, and Information Studies (SLAIS) in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Currently, I'm on contract with RyersonU Library as their Innovative Technologies Librarian for 2012.

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