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Code4Lib Journal Email Templates

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Proposal Accepted
As a member of the Code4Lib Journal editorial committee, I will be your contact for your proposed Code4Lib Journal article, and will work with you to get the article ready for publication.
We hope to publish your article in issue <#> of the Journal, which is scheduled to be published on <insert date here>. We need to see a complete draft of the article by <deadline for draft>, but the sooner you can get us a draft the better, the more likely we'll be able to get your article into that issue. Once we see a complete draft, we may work with you on additional requested edits before the Editorial Committee will consider it ready for publication. Your proposal definitely looks like an article we're interested in, but we can only make the final decision to publish when we see a complete draft.
To see what we're looking for, you should consult our author guidelines at:
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