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Code4lib Mid-Atlantic

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Call for Proposals
== Call for Proposals ==
We're almost booked for presenters at the conference, but the usual chaos surrounding these events has led to one final slot opening up that needs to be filled. If you're interested in speaking, presentations are of the code4lib standard format (20 minute presentation, 10 minute Q&A). If you're interested in filling this final spot, you can submit your proposal [ here] or contact the organizers directly [ here].
Along with opening registration, we're now accepting proposals for the Code4Lib Mid-Atlantic conference. Like the national conference, we're looking for talks with the general themes of: "tools" (some cool new software, software library or integration platform), "specs" (how to get the most out of some protocols, or proposals for new ones), or "challenges" (One or more big problems we should collectively address). If you're interested in giving a talk, you can submit your proposal [ here].
== Tech Trifecta ==

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