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The success of GOKB inherently depends on a rich network of collaboration, data, and standards. For example, the implementation of GOKB draws on JISC's architectural and editorial work in its KB+ project, the data models and formats of DLF's ERMI and UKSG and NISO's KBART, and the repository and rules infrastructure provided by Kuali OLE. The usefulness of GOKb, in turn, depends greatly on the openness and reusability of its data. For example, the use of linked data for GOKb enables its information to not only be consumed by a variety of RDF-aware applications, but also potentially combined with related data that promotes use of electronic resources, such as link resolution, rights, open access, and contents data. We welcome ideas and discussion on ways to help build up, and build on, the work of GOKb.
This presentation details a recent internship led by Katherine Lynch at Drexel University Libraries, with a visually disabled undergraduate computer science major. This internship had two goals – for the student to learn how to program for the web using XHTML/HTML5, CSS, Javascript (including jQuery UI elements), and PHP, and to give the student experience in formal accessibility testing by conducting an accessibility audit of Drexel University Libraries' top-visited web pages, testing for accessibility errors, then devising and implementing solutions as needed. This presentation will detail the methods of learning employed for this internship, particulars on the web development environment created to work with the student's assistive technology, and the outcome of Drexel University Libraries' web accessibility audit. The conclusion will include suggested techniques for conducting an audit and solving common accessibility problems for one’s own library’s website.
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This presentation will break down the inner workings of the project, it's history, organization, workflow, challenges and successes from the perspective of a developer working for one of the partner schools - Lehigh University.
== Lightening Talk Sign-Up ==
We have room for six lightening talks at the 2012 conference. Sign-ups will be done on the whiteboard on the day of the conference, but if you want to sneak in early and reserve a spot, you can do so below.
Unfamiliar with lightening talk format? You can find good resources on them [ here] and [ here].
== Tech Trifecta ==

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