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2013 preconference proposals

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Half Day Afternoon
==Half Day Afternoon==
=== Data Visualization Hackfest ===
* Description: Want to hack/design/plan/document on a team of people who enjoy learning by creating? Interested in data visualization? Well, this hackfest is for you. Not familiar with the concept of a hackfest? See Roy Tennant's [ "Where Librarians Go To Hack"] and the page for the [ Access 2010 Hackfest]. We propose a half-day hackfest with a focus on visualization library data -- think stuff like library catalog data, access/circulation statistics, etc. Here's how it works, roughly:
- we'll (you'll!) do lightning tutorials for some data visualization tools, toolkits (R? d3js? ?), datasets.
- we'll separate into groups and hack on stuff.
- at the end of the day, we'll present our progress.
Not a code hacker? No worries; all skill sets and backgrounds are valuable!
* Duration: half-day
* Contact: Chris Beer (cabeer at
==Half Day Evening==

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