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Call for Volunteers
== Call for Volunteers ==
We're looking for volunteers, not only for the kick-off conference, but both for general long-term organizational dutiesand to help plan future events. Positions that we know we need include a social media expert, an IRC guy/gal, and a social functions organizer, and a kind soul to host/run our listserv. We also need volunteers to help us with needs we as yet don't know we need (and feel free to identify them). If you're interested in helping the chapter, list your name, email address, affiliation and area of interest here and I'll pull together a Skype chat in the near future:
* David K Uspal, davidDOTuspalATvillanovaDOTedu, Villanova University, Guy who put the initial wiki entry together and official contact point for the 2012 conference
* Leanne Finnigan, lfinnigaATmc3DOTedu, Montgomery County Community College, Can help with anything.
Also, a good channel to get information currently is the newly formed Google Group (information on this is in the about section above).
== Past Conferences ==

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