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and breakout sessions will provide everyone who wishes to present with an
opportunity to do so.
==Drafts of other stuff==
Making the Web Accessible through Solid Design
* Cynthia Ng from Ryerson University Library & Archives
In libraries, we are always trying our best to be accessible to everyone and we make every effort to do so physically, but what about our websites? Web designers are great at talking about the user experience and how to improve it, but what sometimes gets overlooked is how to make a site more accessible and meet accessibility guidelines. While reviewing a set of guidelines is necessary to fulfill possible requirements, web accessibility should stem from good web design without ‘sacrificing’ features. While it's difficult to make a website fully accessible to everyone, there are easy, practical ways to make a site as accessible as possible.
While the focus will be on websites and meeting the Web Accessibility Guidelines WCAG, the presentation will also touch on how to make custom web interfaces accessible.

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