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Localizable Views

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Specific example: XSLT
There are a variety of ways to accomplish this, depending on environment.
KlJjRa <a href== Specific example"http: XSLT == If your views are in [[XSLT]], the XSLT 'import' function provides a convenient method to allow over-riding of XSLT for localization//usokbhjspeep.  Put your XSLT that is distributed with the application in one directory or directory tree.  Have another separate directory tree for local XSLT "overridescom/".  When your application loads an XSLT file>usokbhjspeep</a>, it can first check to see if an XSLT file with the same name[url=http:/pat exists in the 'local' directory/fxfcckjdzpzi. If so, it can combine the 'distribution' and the 'local' version of that XSLT file can be combined together using XSLT 'import' statementcom/]fxfcckjdzpzi[/url], so that any templates or variables in the 'local' version will override the distribution version[link=http://rwzwnknmkkwy.  Application Examplecom/]rwzwnknmkkwy[/link], http: Xerxes//
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