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2013 talks proposals

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This overview rehashes the approach and philosophy of library web design, re-orienting it for maximum accessibility and maximum efficiency of design. While just 20 minutes, we'll mull over techniques like mobile-first responsive web design, modular CSS, browser feature detection for progressive enhancement, and lots of nifty tricks.
==BYU's discovery layer service aggregator==
*Curtis Thacker, Brigham Young University, curtis.thacker AT byu DOT edu
It is clear that libraries will continue to experience rapid change based on the speed of technology. To acknowledge this new reality and to provide rapid response to shifting end user paradigms BYU has developed a custom service aggregator. At first our vendors looked at us a bit funny; however, in the last year they have been astonished with the fluid implementation of new services – here’s the short list:
*filmfinder - a tool for browsing and searching films
*A custom book recommender service based on checkout data
*Integrated library services like personell, library hours, study room scheduler and database finder through a custom adwords system.
*A very geeky and powerful utility used for converting marc XML into primo compliant xml.
*Embedded floormaps
*A responsive web design
*Bing did-you-mean
*And many more.
I will demo the system, review the archtecture and talk about future plans.

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