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2013 talks proposals

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The application will be demonstrated; code will be shown; and we solemnly commit to showing ABSOLUTELY NO XML.
==Coding with Mittens==
*Jim LeFager, DePaul University Library
Working in an environment where developers have restricted access to servers and development areas, or where you are primarily working in multiple hosted systems with limited access, can be a challenge when are attempting to incorporate any new functionality or improve an existing one. Hosted web services present a benefit so that staff time is not dedicated to server maintenance and development, but customization can be difficult and at times impossible. In many cases, incorporating any current API functionality requires additional work besides the original development work which can be frustrating and inefficient. The result can be a Frankenstein monster of web services that is confusing to the user and difficult to navigate.
This talk will focus on some effective best practices, and maybe not so great but necessary practices that we have adopted to develop and improve our user’s experience using javascript/jQuery and CSS to manipulate our hosted environments. This will include a review of available tools that allow collaborative development in the cloud, as well as examples of jQuery methods that have allowed us to take additional control of these hosted environments as well as track them using Google Analytics. Included will be examples from Springshare Campus Guides, CONTENTdm and other hosted web spaces that have been ‘hacked’ to improve the UI.

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