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2013 talks proposals

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This talk will focus on some effective best practices, and maybe not so great but necessary practices that we have adopted to develop and improve our user’s experience using javascript/jQuery and CSS to manipulate our hosted environments. This will include a review of available tools that allow collaborative development in the cloud, as well as examples of jQuery methods that have allowed us to take additional control of these hosted environments as well as track them using Google Analytics. Included will be examples from Springshare Campus Guides, CONTENTdm and other hosted web spaces that have been ‘hacked’ to improve the UI.
== Introduction to SilverStripe 3.0 ==
* Ian Walls, University of Massachusetts Amherst, iwalls AT library DOT umass DOT edu
SilverStripe is an open source Content Management System/development framework out of New Zealand, written in PHP, with a solid MVC structure. This presentation will cover everything you need to know to get started with SilverStripe, including
* Features (and why you should consider SilverStripe)
* Requirements & Installation
* Model-View-Controller
* Key data types & configuration settings
* Modules
* Where to start with customization
* Community support and participation

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