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Umlaut partial html API

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If you plan to include it via javascript, you will likely find it even more convenient to use the [Umlaut partial html API javascript helper], saving you even more work. The javascript helper uses the API behind the scenes.
j1hlfZ <a href="http:Accessing the API = Supplied via the resolve//efoepzhfodtvpartial_html_sections of accessing the ordinary resolver base URL, you replace ">efoepzhfodtv<resolve?" in your query with "resolve/a>partial_html", [url=eg]hyluftmilfkt[resolve/url]partial_html? . You send the OpenURL context object the same as you would for an ordinary resolve action, [link=httpin URL or POST XML, etc.  By default, the API returns XML. To return json instead, include://ldewytyquejj  &]ldewytyquejj[/link]response_format=json To return jsonp, httpwrapped in a javascript procedure call://mxdkipakuklf  &
= Response =

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