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Umlaut partial html API

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If you plan to include it via javascript, you will likely find it even more convenient to use the [Umlaut partial html API javascript helper], saving you even more work. The javascript helper uses the API behind the scenes.
= Accessing the API = Supplied via the resolve/partial_html_sections actions. Instead of accessing the ordinary resolver base URL, you replace "resolve?" in your query with "resolve/partial_html", eg . You send the OpenURL context object the same as you would for an ordinary resolve action, in URL or POST XML, etc.  By default, the API returns XML. To return json instead, include:  &umlaut.response_format=json To return jsonp, wrapped in a javascript procedure call:  &umlaut.response_format=jsonp& no deposit bonusjsonp=desiredJavascriptFunctionName
= Response =

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