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You can get more information about what ELAG looks like at the ELAG2009 website at [] or [ the Elag2008 website] which has more footage.
Initial suggested topic for the preconference : lucene/solr
At this stage (2009-06-04) things are pretty much wide open about this : feel free to step in.
=== Ideas for topics ===
* Initial suggested topic for the preconference : lucene/solr ("A backend for your new catalogue in 15 minutes. Bring your data!")
* other idea (but maybe less "hands on"?): Drilling holes into that data silo. How to connect cool tools (eg NGCs/DIs) to legacy library systems? What's available, what's needed and what's practical?
=== Stylish questions ===
* A real geeky coding session for library hackers or a more guided but "hands on" approach? Please no "workshop" in the "28 minutes talks/2 minutes questions" style.
* What infrastructure will be available? BYO hard/software? Reliable net connection?

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