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2013 talks proposals

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Adding the Proposal "Take Your Content and Shove It"
[1] [ "HTML5 Microdata and", code4lib #16]
== Take Your Content and Shove It ==
* Eric Frierson, EBSCO Publishing,
Public services librarians have experimented getting out of the library. For example, the 'embedded librarian' model puts the librarian in class with students, offering help and advice throughout the semester at the point of need. Digital services have also found their way into virtual classrooms by way of links from the course management system (e.g., Blackboard, Moodle) and the occasional embedded search box that serves as a portal into the library's search solution.
With the release of discovery services and their associated APIs, we can do more. Rather than linking back to the library, we can take our resources and push them into the learning experience, allowing them to escape the library website silo altogether. Imagine a professor being able to search library resources and add items to their course website without ever leaving their CMS, or a student adding items to a folder that shows up in their campus dashboard. What if we could tie the use of library resources to student success in the classroom by leveraging user data from CMS tools? In this session, I will briefly describe how APIs might make these scenarios possible, but then facilitate a discussion on where else we could shove our resources. I hope to initiate a few development projects along these lines.

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