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2013 talks proposals

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At the New York Public Library, the digital repository continues to grow at an astonishing rate with storage soon to reach petabyte range. As an increasing amount of content is produced, generated, or acquired, workflow automation and scalability became increasingly important. Workflow involves several organizational units using multiple systems. As a result, reducing the dependencies between our various systems was an important criteria. The message queue enables us to design an event driven system built from a suite of lightweight and interoperable REST-based services. Benefits include traditional drivers such as loose coupling, interoperability between heterogeneous systems, improving application scalability, and many more benefits that will be explored in this talk.
== Synching up at Web Scale: the NISO/OAI ResourceSync Effort ==
* Nettie Lagace, National Information Standard Organization (NISO), nettle AT niso DOT org
It's increasingly the case that to better serve users in a dynamic Web environment, it's desirable to synchronize large-scale web resources accurately, and in real time. However, many current system designs cope with the lack of a good available solution to this requirement by de-emphasizing current coverage or by using tools to manage crawl scheduling. The NISO/OAI ResourceSync effort, funded by the Sloan Foundation and JISC, is currently designing an solution approach that is aligned with general Web Architecture and is targeted at different communities, particularly those in the areas of cultural heritage and research communities.
The ResourceSync working group has been under way since early 2012, and expects to have its beta draft specification available for public review and testing by the time the Code4Lib conference takes place. This talk will outline the problem cases, the technical approach and reasoning taken by the working group, and invite feedback from the Code4Lib audience.

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