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2013 talks proposals

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It is hoped that this prototype will be a model for a new kind of interface to library, archive & museum metadata targeted to particular subject domains, and could inform the development of a similar dis- and re- aggregation approach for entire library collections.
== Building a Metadata Lab for LIS Students ==
* Margaret Kipp, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, kipp at uwm dot edu
Teaching metadata and linked data concepts to MLIS students requires more than creating basic metadata records, it also requires an understanding of how metadata fits into the library workflow and how data entry into metadata and cataloguing tools works in practice. We are developing a metadata lab for use in teaching information organisation related courses to MLIS students. Currently we are using open source software for the lab including Koha--ILS, Omeka--digital library tool and 4store--RDF triple store. The preliminary tools are hosted on LAMP servers and will be supplemented with additional software as we expand our lab. This presentation will report on the results of setting up the first few software packages for the lab and their use in teaching various courses including an introductory course in information organisation, a metadata course, and a course on linked data, Semantic Web and mashups. One of the goals of this session would be to discuss methods for bridging gaps between academic and practical work with metadata.

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