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2013 talks proposals

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Come hear about the hackathon, the projects created out of this event, and a glimpse of a few of the innovative projects created in collaboration with the DeLaMare Library. Robotics kits, 3D printers, drone quadricopters, lockpicking workshops and kits, bootcamps and 24-hour hackathons are just the start!
== Stuffing the Repository: An Advanced Dive Into Object Handling in Hydra ==
* Steven Anderson, Boston Public Library, sanderson AT bpl DOT org
* Eben English, Boston Public Library, eenglish AT bpl DOT org
This topic focuses on some advanced techniques for dealing with digital objects created for a repository. While all examples presented will be in the Hydra framework, the theory of what is presented is applicable to non-Hydra solutions. Specific topics include:
* Client side MD5 checksumming: While an Ajax file upload is fairly simple nowadays, verifying that the file doesn't become corrupted during transmission to the server is often overlooked. A method to calculate the MD5 checksum via the client browser before the file is transmitted over the network will be presented.
* Object Modeling Inheritance: There are many different theories regarding content modeling in the wild, from "one model to rule them all" to extreme granularity. Here we will outline an approach to modeling content inspired by OOP, using specific content type classes that inherit from a set of more generic content models.
* Hydra Models as a Rails Engine: In order to facilitate sharing of content models between multiple Hydra code bases, a completely separate and independent Ruby on Rails Engine to express content models has been developed. This unique approach offers tremendous potential for easily sharing and re-using pre-configured content models in a Hydra Head simply by installing a gem.

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