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Koha was initially developed in New Zealand by [ Katipo Communications Ltd.] and first deployed in January of 2000 for [ Horowhenua Library Trust]. It is currently maintained by a team of software providers and library technology staff from around the globe and is in use in over 350 libraries. While initial versions were developed for small and medium-sized libraries, Koha is now in use at large libraries including the [ Near East University] in Cyprus with over two million titles. A [ community exchange site] was recently opened to allow libraries to easily share contributions to the project. Koha supports a rich translation framework and has been translated into nearly a dozen languages. A [ translation site] exists to facilitate additional translations. Commercial support is available from several vendors worldwide.
fIth8e <a href== User Comments == ["">gztjygcjwifu</press-releases/koha-zoom-goes-live-and-it-rocks/ Owen Leonarda>, Nelsonville Public Library System Webmaster]:"Koha ZOOM really leverages the full potential of the MARC format to bring advanced and intuitive search functionality to our patrons,” says Owen Leonard. “The OPAC also now [allows] us to integrate content from external web services to expand and improve the information we offer to our patrons.” [url=http://webjunctionorvluzqyqxsa.orgcom/do]orvluzqyqxsa[/DisplayContent?id=1172 Stephen Hedges, Director of Nelsonville Public Libraryurl]:"Was it the right thing to do? We think so. Frankly, after experiencing the sensation of having total control over our software, we could probably never go back to a commercial system." [link=]hsffqwlbupms[/press-releases/stow-munroe-falls-for-koha-zoom Darrell Ulmlink], systems administrator for Stow-Munroe Falls]http:"For instance, if we need to add a feature--no matter how specific--we can either develop it in-house, or contract with a support company like !LibLime//dhdsfgmzjtuy. As more libraries switch to Koha and sponsor new functionality, other libraries will benefit when the next upgrade cycle occurs. Koha has a steady stream of updates, and the momentum for this open-source product is excellent."com/
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