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=== Stylish questions ===
* A real geeky coding session for library hackers or a more guided but "hands on" approach? Please no "workshop" in the "28 minutes talks/2 minutes questions" style.
=== Organization ===
* everyone is expected to come with his/her own laptop
* we could be hosted [ here] or [ there] by the University of Helsinki.
* GOOD wifi required : should we ask of wired network too?
* server : we don't think there's a need for a server, as we may as easily set something up on EC2, a home server, etc. But I (nicomo) could be wrong here : pls give your point of view if need be.
* number of people : we're thinking about a cap at 50. Which seems a lot for a hands-on thing, maybe? That's the working assumption at least for now.
* What infrastructure will be available? BYO hard/software? Reliable net connection?

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