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How to hack code4lib

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One group that gets beat up on a lot is vendors. There's a healthy debate that comes and goes in the channel about whether it's good to have a place to vent, or if making vendors the butt of jokes limits their interaction in the community. One of the great strengths of the channel is that the norms are constantly in flux and openly discussed and debated.
=== Don't be too sensitive Give the benefit of the doubt to #code4lib IRC users ===
Of courseNon-verbal cues are missing in IRC, political correctness can sway too far to the conservative, and what fun is that? Don't always assume that the jibe you took in the channel is meant personally. It is usually safest to always so give the speaker the benefit of the doubt. So many non-verbal cues are missing A perceived jibe you took in this medium, the channel may or may not have had cruel intent behind it is just a virtual conversation after all=== Be willing You might ask the speaker to laugh at yourself === I've found that making fun of myself is a safe outlet for being bitingly clever. And once you've shown people that you don't mind being a targetexplain the comment, they'll let their hair down and pick on or if you too. Besidesdo feel slighted or uncomfortable, why not beat everyone feel free to ask one of the punchfolks listed in zoia's "@helpers" command output in private who should be able to help.
=== Don't be intimidated by what looks like the "in crowd" ===

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