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Umlaut URL parameters

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Umlaut has a few custom URL parameters (can also be sent in a POST request) to control Umlaut behavior. All start with the prefix "umlaut.". These are generally added onto an OpenURL GET request.
v2x8GQ <a href="">dzpyesrzuqbp</a>, [urlrequest_id=http://locfmslazvwo== Specify an already created OpenURL request to act]locfmslazvwo[/url] Without this, [link=http://jpyudsohbokwUmlaut will still try to connect to an already created request *within the same session* based on a cache of OpenURLs seen in that]jpyudsohbokw[/link]But this process is not perfect. With umlaut.request_id, http://kuktrbnlemqryou can assure you are operating on the same request, and even if the client does not have cookies or a

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