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== Draft Timeline DO NOT TRUST THESE DATES==
***Code4Lib 2010 Timeline***
Monday February 22 (preconference) – Thursday February 25
**Calls and posts are to code4lib listserv unless otherwise specified**
May to June –
Choose Conference planners
Negotiate Hotel contract
Touch base with sponsors
July 10:
Share dates and hotel info on code4lib with reminder about code4libcon for those interesting in planning, #c4l10
On code4libcon, ask for volunteers for contacting sponsors
July 15th – Call for keynote speaker suggestions(with blurbs)
August 17th – Tally of keynote speaker suggestions, final call to code4lib list
Sept 9th-Septh18th – keynote speaker vote
Sept 22nd – Keynote speaker invitations begin
Oct 1st – Call for 20-minute talk proposals
Oct 15 —Posted reminder with presenter-guarantee policy
Oct 31 – 20-minute talk proposals due
Nov 4-Nov 12 – voting on 20-minute talk proposals
Nov 4 – Call for preconference proposals
Nov 5 – Begin testing registration
Nov 13 – Draft schedule posted for comment (no titles – just placeholders for 22ish talks)
Nov 16th – List of top 22ish talk titles posted
Nov 16th – Scholarship announcement ***post beyond code4lib list???***
Nov 16th – Preconference reminder
Nov 16th – Registration opens Dec 2nd
Nov 23 – Preconference proposals due
Dec 1 – Reminder, Registration opens Dec 2
Dec 2 – Registration opens
Dec 2 – Post when registration opens
Dec 2 – Share waitlist & preconf count info???
Dec 7—Registration deadline for presenter-reserved spots
Jan 5 – Scholarship deadline
Jan 5 – ask code4libcon to set requirements for 2011 hosting proposals
Jan 5 – Call for t-shirt design submissions
Jan 12 – Scholarship recipients notified
Jan 12 – call for code4lib2011 hosting proposals
Jan 15 – T-shirt design deadline
Jan 20-28 T-shirt vote
Feb 8 – discussion of volunteer needs
Feb 12 – deadline for code4lib2011 hosting proposals
Feb 15 – Call for Breakout Session ideas
Feb 15 – Call for conference volunteers
Feb 17 – Reminder to participants with travel info, conference social info
Feb 17-24 – vote for 2011 host
March 1-31–Videos converted, compressed, uploaded, and linked
When do these things happen?
Making T-shirts
Planning conference menus
Arranging videotaping
Securing conference networking
Getting A/V supplies
Arranging 3 OS laptop for presenters (ask mbklein)
Other things?

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