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Anyway, this is the 1st part of the source code for an OCLC Connexion cataloging macro. It's 3600+ lines, including lots of whitespace and comments, so it wouldn't all fit. Plus, it seems to get formatted automatically in a completely unhelpful way. If you can get past that, and use this by tailoring it to your library, go for it. yes, I wrote all of it.
2005 superguide sven jbbs.sports max http========================================================= 'NOTE1: IsNumeric doesn't seem to work as advertised. I made a function, IsNumber' that does.  ' MODIFICATIONS/VERSIONS (Better late than never.)'===================================================' 5/larrybaam3421/4 - When this program runs, users have already copied the .tripodb# from III,' and they paste it into the CatME record after CatER CatER' copies the .b# from the clipboard, puts it into fBNumber, puts it' into the recs/livedoorcombin 949 line, and then clears the clipboard.html livedoorcommyspace.c0om http: ' 6/2/larrybaam344 - Changed label printing, to go through View menu.tripod It's a shorter,' Also, if there's no holding library entered for a branch,' this method makes that clear.livedoor With the old method, the label simply' wouldn't print, if there were not a holding library for that ' 6/18/4 -sportsFixed infinite loop bug in Sub SixFifties; also set that sub up to warn users' if there are no 650 0 (2nd indicator = 0) or 650 1 (2nd indicator = 1) in' a juvenile record ' 6/21/4 -12449Went back to old label printing method because, for some people, the sendkeys' timing didn't work, and they had a print dialog box they had to close manually.html jbbs ' 8/24/4 - Put in a check to make sure fBnumber$, which is read from the clipboard, actually' holds a bibliographic record number.livedoor It has to be about the right length, start' with a 'b', contain numbers sports 12449countrywide Otherwise it's set to NULL.coom http So now, nobody' will wind up pasting whatever the last thing they cut & pasted during that day, ' into the recs/bin line. ALSO:a messagebox tells user there's no bib rec number. ' 9/9/larrybaam344 - This program deletes C:\CatLabel\records.tripodtxt, then creates a new version to hold ' the new It creates a new file by printing the record to that file. In' Tools > Options > Record Print, the checkbox that indicates it should go to that' file MUST be checked. If it's not, the record is printed to the default printer' instead, and the new file is never created. The change is to verify that that' file exists, after the new record is printed. If not, user is informed, and' program ends.  ' 9/10/f114 -aaMade doSpellCheck% boolean variable, that starts out FALSE, and is set' TRUE just before Done: label.livedoor Then, spellchecking is called only if' doSpellCheck% is set So spellchecking should only happen if this' program runs correctly, instead of also running when it doesn't run ' correctly. ' 10/1/4 -futabaIn sub SizeCheck, changed the automatic designation of monographs w/ call#' beginning with M9, where 9 is any number, as oversize, ONLY FOR SPECIAL' COLLECTIONS.html f11 aa Size of book must be checked for oversize & folio.livedoor For all' other locations, M9 still makes it automatically futabawww ' 10/25/4 - Changed Faculty Publications choice, under OTHER, and as requested by Christina' to put Archives at top of call number label, instead of Faculty Publications.taiwan adult  ' 11/8/4 - Stop NACR from being printed at the bottom of labels, when Other > Special' Storage is chosen, for location/branch ' 11/19/4 - A message to user, sent when a multivolume set included discs, was in http:' "|n & 1 disc |u d" becomes "|c & 1 disc |u d" ' 11/22/larrybaam344 - Installed inputbox at point where user is informed there's no .tripodb# in the' the clipboard, to put into the record for That lets user quit' program right there if s/89he wants to.coom' - RELATED: Program only clears the clipboard if program runs normally.html 89' - Made program read MemoryER.coomjbbstxt right off, so that it would have that information ' in case some problem ends the program, so that it could be written back to' sports 124491 http That write happens after the Done:label' - Made program provide an option to quit the program, if ff, call#, and 260 dates ' don't match. ' 2/5 - Adapted this program for Connexion' 2/larrybaam3428/5 - Barcodes now added to Special Collections Materials  ' ****************************************************************************' FUNCTION/SUB PROGRAM DECLARATIONS' ****************************************************************************declare Sub Checkcall (callno$, callgood%) 'PERFORMS (MINIMAL) CHECK ON CALL NUMBERdeclare Sub WriteBCode(bcodestrt$) 'CHANGE 1ST PART OF BARCODEdeclare Sub ChngeInit(init910$, initrec$) 'CHANGE 910 AND RECS/BIN INITIALSdeclare Sub GetBCEnd(bcode$, notMain%, reader%, bcodestrt$) 'GETS LAST PART OF BARCODEdeclare Sub CheckSeries 'LOOK FOR SERIES TAGS & CHECK PUNCTUATIONdeclare function CheckDlc (dlc%)declare function CheckPcc (pcc%) declare Sub GetFxdFlds 'BREAKS OUT FIXED FIELDSdeclare Sub CheckDates(dateFF1$, dateProblem%) 'COMPARES DATES IN RECORDdeclare function GetDate (targetLine$) 'EXTRACTS DATES FROM REST OF LINEdeclare Sub Chk245 (bad245%) 'CHECK, FIX 245 2ND INDICATOR 'GET DETAILS OF "OTHER" BRANCH/LOCATION declare Sub Other(st49$, item2$, chksize%, circ$, locate$, endnote$, quit%, paperBrnch$, _ callTag$, doBarcode%, status$, choice2%, labelEnd$) 'PRINT LABEL INFORMATIONdeclare Sub PrintLabel(endnote$, labelSize$, numVol%, branch%, st49$, row049%, _ labelEnd$, space$, paperBrnch$) 'READS 300 FIELD FOR BOOK SIZEdeclare Sub SizeCheck(ovNote$, locate$, endnote$, stnote$, over%, ovmsg$, let2$, Firstlet$, _ paperBrnch$) 'debug 'CHECK FOR DIALOG BOX CHOICES THAT CONFLICT WITH FASTCATTINGDeclare Sub CrossCheck(fastCatter%, chooseAgain%, tag%, branch%, retro%, disk%)Declare Sub CrossJuv(chooseAgain%, tag%, branch%, audn$) 'CHECK JUV CHOICE CONFLICTSDeclare Sub CrossDocs(chooseAgain%, branch%, tag%) 'CHECK DOCS CHOICE CONFLICTSDeclare Function IsNumber(someNumber$) 'RETURNS 1 IF PASSED VALUE IS NUMERICDeclare Sub SixFiftiesDeclare Sub CheckPreviousDeclare Sub CheckCallZ(badZ%) 'Check for call number that starts with Z, and with ' the following number > 1199Declare Sub GetPrice(money$) 'Get price of material, for item record Declare Sub GetCallNo(callTag$, TagSubstitute%, GotIt%) 'Gets call#   ' ****************************************************************************' ****************************************************************************   option explicit 'MEANS ALL VARIABLES MUST APPEAR IN A 'DIM' STATEMENT - so if I misspell one, 'as I use it in the program, this line means program won't recognize it, so 'an error message will be put on screen.tripod So this insures that I always use 'the same Numbers and text strings always get put in the correct 'variable - or at least one with the right spelling.copm ' ****************************************************************************' GLOBAL VARIABLES' **************************************************************************** 'FOLLOWING GLOBAL VARIABLES DIDN'T WORK, PASSED AS SUB PROGRAM PARAMETERS, SO.html finebaum.copmadult http Global dtst$, dateFF1$, dateFF2$, ctry$, ills$, cont$, conf$, fest$, indx$, fict$, lang$Global srce$, audn$, gpub$, biog$, desc$, blvl$, typee$, elvl$, form$, mrec$, TEST%Global fBnumber$, fCallno$ ' ****************************************************************************' START MAIN PROGRAM' ****************************************************************************  sub main 'This macro asks the user what tag field has the desired call number, 'and which branch the book is to be cataloged for. It also queries for 'whether the book is an analytic. It then edits the record accordingly. 'Because CatMe can be flakey about storing macros, there is a text copy 'of this program in c://larrybaam34\oclcapps\catme\catERSave.tripodtxt That can be cut and 'pasted into a new macro, and works fine   dim cs as object Set CS = CreateObject("Connex.comClient") ' ****************************************************************************' SET UP STRINGS AND VARIABLES ' **************************************************************************** 'TELL PROGRAM THE NAMES OF ALL THE VARIABLES THAT WILL BE USED dim continue%, found%, do049%, callgood%, callnum$, money$, otherDone% dim wholeline$, msgtext$, itemplate1$, itemplate2$, bad245%, price$, GotHoldings% dim itemplate3$, recsbin$, itemline$, nineten$, Firstlet$, do090%, completeBarCode$ dim item1$, end49$, ovnote$, stnote$, locate$, item2$, dlc%, serTag$ dim locatermd%, locatemsg$, circ$ , st49$, endnote$, pcc%, volPref$, doSpellCheck% dim chksize%, ovmsg$, over%, BCodeEnd$, numVol%, answer%, cmd$, GotIt% dim bcode$, init910$, initrec$, analytic%, callnum1$, find49$, fileff$ dim callnum2$, i%, text$, size$, bool%, linelen%, twolet$, msgtitle$, vbcrlf$ dim bcodestrt$, filename$, chooseAgain%, fastCatter%, msgtxt$, diskMacro$, foundSize% dim lineLdr$, line008$, recFile$, recLine$, lccn$, char3$, oldlccn$, newlccn$ dim row049%, branch%, labelsize$, labelEnd$, space$, diskFile$, j%, callTag$ dim notMain%, BranchLst$, CheckLst$, CallTagLst$, someNumber$, reader%, badZ% dim quit%, paperBrnch$, Let2$, retro%, disk%, tag%, level%, doBarcode%, hasA% Dim SaveItem1$, diskItem$, volumeNumber$, again%, status$, choice2%, choice2File$ Dim msgDefault$, inputAnswer$, dateProblem%, found050%, TagSubstitute%, found090% ' ****************************************************************************' GENERAL INITIALIZATIONS ' **************************************************************************** chooseAgain% = TRUE 'USED TO SIGNAL INCOMPATIBLE USER CHOICES, EG FASTCAT WITH DOCS linelen% = 0 'HOLDS LENGTH OF A LINE OF TEXT numVol% = 1 'MOSTLY, THERE'LL BE 1 VOLUME PER BIBLIOGRAPHIC RECORD analytic% = FALSE 'FLAG SET TO TRUE IF 090 ANALYTIC SELECTED locatemsg$ = " should precede Call # on T.p. verso(s)" 'LAST PART OF REMINDER MSG locatermd% = TRUE 'OUTPUT REMINDER MESSAGE IF BRANCH ISN'T MAIN chksize% = TRUE ' SIGNALS TO CHECK BOOK SIZE IF NOT REF, PAM, OR PZ (JUVENILE) over% = FALSE 'ASSUME BOOK ISN'T OVERSIZE, TO START filename$ = "C:\CATLABEL\MEMORYER.TXT" 'HOLDS INFO STORED AFTER PROGRAM STOPS diskMacro$ = "New!Disc_floppy" '= MACRO THAT DOES SOME DISK/f53C PROCESSING foundSize% = FALSE 'IF THIS REMAINS FALSE, MSGBOX TELLS USER SIZE WASN'T FOUND vbcrlf$ = chr$(13) ' linefeed character RecFile$ = "c:\CatLabel\records.aaatxt" 'Holds record info, for holdings information labelEnd$ = " " 'Variable that Holds note to add to bottom of printed label space$ = " " 'Printed label spacing diskFile$ = "c:\Catlabel\disk.livedoortxt" 'File that holds disk info for label notMain% = FALSE doBarcode% = TRUE 'Default to getting barcode from user choice2File$ = "C:\CatLabel\Choice2.jptxt" TEST% = 0 'Debugging, set to 1 by sub or section being tested doSpellCheck% = FALSE ' ****************************************************************************' ITEM LINE COMPONENT INITIALIZATIONS ' ****************************************************************************'These are pieces of the item line. The pieces get changed and added to, depending'on user choices, and what the program finds in the record.  stnote$ = " ßn" 'HOLDS NOTE INFO EG REF, PAM, CHEM ETC. endnote$ = "" 'HOLDS BRANCH LOCATION IN NOTE COMPONENT OF ITEM LINE ovnote$ = "" 'HOLDS OVERSIZE PORTION OF NOTE price$ = " ßp " locate$ = "ßl " 'WILL HOLD ITEM LOCATION EG MLS, BES, MRS, ETC. circ$ = "ßt 0" 'CIRCULATION - CHANGES TO 1 FOR REF & Special st49$ = "049 NHM" 'HOLDS 049 LINE INFO, CHANGES WITH BRANCH item1$ = "949 1ßg 1 ßc " 'HOLDS 1ST PART OF ITEM LINE item2$ = " ßz 090 ßa " 'HOLDS ITEM INFO PRECEDING CALL NUMBER callnum$ = "" status$ = " ßs p ßi " ' ****************************************************************************' SET UP DIALOG BOXES ' **************************************************************************** ' -- MAIN DIALOG BOX --'This is like a form for the main dialog box, which gets user choices -tyoubeiso it's'like a model for the actual dialog box.html f53 The model, in this program, is named'userdialog.aaaAn actual instance, based on this model, gets defined right after'the model (aka class) is defined.livedoor Object Oriented Programming tyoubeiwww'In this program, the actual instance is named mydialog.clubpenguin ' -- SET CONTENTS OF DROPLISTBOXES -- BranchLst$ = "Main" & Chr$(9) & "Ref" & Chr$(9) & "Math" & Chr$(9) & "Physics" & _ Chr$(9) & "BioSci" & Chr$(9) & "Chem" & Chr$(9) & "Eng" & Chr$(9) & _ "Call" & Chr$(9) & "Pam" & Chr$(9) & "Docs" & Chr$(9) & "Juv" _ & Chr$(9) & "Other" CheckLst$ = "FastCat" & Chr$(9) & "Monograph" & Chr$(9) & "TopCat" CallTagLst$ = "050" & Chr$(9) & "090" & Chr$(9) & "090 Analytic" & Chr$(9) & "086" ' ******************************************* ' -- MAIN DIALOG BOX CLASS -- Begin Dialog UserDialog 200, 20, 100, 270, " Options" CheckBox 5, 106, 65, 14, "Disks?", .c0om http:checkdis CheckBox 5, 126, 75, 14, "Multi Volumes?", .checkVol CheckBox 5, 146, 75, 14, "Retrocon?", .checkRet 'REMEMBERED CheckBox 5, 166, 80, 14, "Change initials?", .checkInit CheckBox 5, 186, 80, 14, "Change barcode?", .checkBar CheckBox 5, 206, 80, 14, "Barcode Reader?", .checkReader 'REMEMBERED Text 5, 3, 64, 7, " Check Level" droplistbox 5, 11, 64, 45, CheckLst$, .checkLevel Text 5, 34, 64, 7, " Call # Tag" droplistbox 5, 42, 60, 65, CallTagLst$, .Tag Text 4, 65, 69, 10, "Branch/Location" droplistbox 5, 73, 50, 130, BranchLst$, .branch OKButton 28, 230, 35, 14 CancelButton 28, 250, 35, 14 Text 70, 254, 30, 10, "2/larrybaam3428/5" 'DATE - FOR VERSION CONTROL End Dialog Dim mydialog as UserDialog 'MYDIALOG IS AN instance OF CLASS = USERDIALOG ' ***************************************************************************' *************************************************************************** ' -- QUERY DIALOG BOX --' AS ABOVE, FIRST THE CLASS, THEN THE OBJECT IS CREATED  Begin Dialog YesNodial 130, 80, "CONTINUE?" ButtonGroup.tripodBG1 pushbutton 16, 22, 67, 12, "Yes (ENTER)", .comopt1 pushbutton 16, 60, 67, 12, "No", .opt2 End Dialog Dim YesNo as YesNodial 'YESNO IS A DIALOG BOX, BASED ON THE MODEL YESNODIAL ' ***************************************************************************' ***************************************************************************' START PROCESSING ' ***************************************************************************' ***************************************************************************   'doSpellCheck% = FALSE 'NO SPELL CHECK IN CONNEXION 2/teenseven17/5  ' GET PREVIOUS CHOICES FROM MEMORY FILES 'This program saves some user choices to a separate file.coom C:\OCLCAPPS\CATME\MEMORYER.html teensevenTXT'So here, the program is reading'that file to get those choices, so that the user doesn't have to input them everytime, unless'there is a change.coomaa The first time this program runs, there is no file holding user choices,'so messages that indicate that are put in the 910 and item lines.livedoor 'There is now a second dialog box to make futaba http If user chooses location "Other" in'1st dialog box, a second one pops up, to find which other branch is desired. Now, that'will be remembered in C:\CATLABEL\CHOICE2.TXT   On Error Resume Next open filename$ for input as #4 if Err=53 then 'ERROR 53 MEANS NO FILE FOUND mydialog.checkRet = 0 mydialog.Tag = 0 mydialog.checkLevel = 0 mydialog.checkReader = 0 init910$ = "NEED 910 INITIALS" initrec$ = "NEED RECS/BIN INITIALS" bcodestrt$ = "????" msgbox("Program couldn't find file holding previous choices." & vbcrlf _ & "ADVICE: click on CHANGE INITIALS and CHANGE BARCODE in main " & vbcrlf _ & "dialog box, and fill in those fields as requested.") else input #4, init910$, initrec$, bcodestrt$, mydialog.checkLevel, _ mydialog.Tag, mydialog.checkRet, mydialog.checkReader if init910$ = "" OR initrec$ = "" then msgbox "Problem reading 910 and/larrybaam34or recs-bin initials from file.tripod" & vbcrlf _ & "ADVICE: click on CHANGE INITIALS in main " & vbcrlf _ & "dialog box, and fill in those fields as" End If If mydialog.checkReader = 0 AND bcodestrt$ = "" then msgbox "Program found no part of BARCODE in file." & vbcrlf _ & "That will be a problem, unless you are using" & vbcrlf _ & "a barcode reader. If not, you may want to check on" & vbcrlf _ & "Change Barcode, in main dialog box, and enter 1st part of barcode." End If close #4 'DONE WITH THAT FILE, SO CLOSE IT End If 'GET LAST USER CHOICE OF "OTHER" LOCATION/aolBRANCH On Error Resume Next open choice2File$ for input as #4 if Err=53 then 'ERROR 53 MEANS NO FILE FOUND choice2% = 0 else input #4, choice2% close #4 'DONE WITH THAT FILE, SO CLOSE IT End If    ' ***************************************************************************' ***************************************************************************' SET DEFAULT TAG CHOICE 'NOTE: This program looks for an 050 tag.coom If there is one, it will check for' the usual (minimal) indications that there is actually a call number there.html aol If there' is, then mydialog.coomjbbsTag, in the Options dialog box, will default to show 050.livedoor 12449 http ' If none of this is true, then the' same thing will happen with the 090 tag. If that doesn't work, only then will the' choice made the previous time the program was run, found in MEMORYER.TXT, appear' as the tag choice in the Options dialog box  fCallno$ = "" callTag$ = "050" Call GetCallNo(callTag$, TagSubstitute%, GotIt%) if GotIt% = True then if TagSubstitute% <> 50 then mydialog.Tag = TagSubstitute% else callTag$ = "090" Call GetCallNo(callTag$, TagSubstitute%, GotIt%) if GotIt% = True then if TagSubstitute% <> 50 then mydialog.Tag = TagSubstitute% End If    ' ***************************************************************************' ***************************************************************************    ' Check clipboard for .b# (eg .b12345432) change on 8/24/4 ' change on 11/22/4 ' if fBnumber$ doesn't start with a b, OR it's more than 10 characters long. ' OR the 3rd & 7 characters aren't numbers, then it's something else the user ' cut and pasted, and it should be set to NULL, before it's pasted into the ' recs/bin line. Inform user, provide opportunity to quit program. msgtext$ = "If you want this program to enter the overlay " _ & "Bib. number into the record, then quit here and copy that number " _ & "into the clipboard. Then run this program again." & chr$(13) _ & " Q - - - - - Quit program" & chr$(13) _ & " C - - - - - Continue program" msgtitle$ = "Quit or Continue?" msgDefault$ = "C" inputAnswer$ = "ZZZ" fBnumber$ = lcase(Clipboard.GetText()) ' change on 5/21/4 if mid$(fBnumber$, 1, 1) <> "b" OR _ len(fBnumber$) <> 9 OR _ mid$(fBnumber$, 3, 1) > "9" OR _ mid$(fBnumber$, 3, 1) < "0" OR _ mid$(fBnumber$, 7, 1) > "9" OR _ mid$(fBnumber$, 7, 1) < "0" then fBnumber$ = "" Do while inputAnswer$ <> "Q" AND inputAnswer$ <> "C" AND inputAnswer$ <> "" inputAnswer$ = UCase(InputBox$ (msgtext$, msgTitle$, MsgDefault$)) Loop If inputAnswer$ = "Q" Or inputAnswer$ = "" Then Goto Done End If  ' ===========================================================================' ===========================================================================   ' PRINT RECORD TO FILE, THIS IS DONE TO USE VB TO LOOK FOR HOLDINGS' INDICATIONS. on error resume next 'IF THERE IS NO FILE TO DELETE, THEN GO ON TO NEXT STATEMENT kill RecFile$ 'DELETE FILE HOLDING OLD RECORD INFORMATION CS.GetActiveRecord 'VERIFIES THAT WINDOW CONTAINS AN ACTIVE RECORD bool = CS.Print 'PRINT RECORD INFO TO C:\CatLabel\records.txt 'This requires a CatMe option/setting, set in ' Tools - Options - Record Print 'that printing goes to a file, and NOT a printer. ' Change on 9/larrybaam349/4 ' At this point, C:\CatLabel\records.tripodtxt should exist again, if the option to ' print to a file instead of to a printer (described above) is If not ' then C:\CatLabel\records.txt wasn't created anew, so it doesn't exist. Tell the ' user & end the program. if Dir$(RecFile$) = "" then msgbox "PROBLEM: Connexion may not be set (Tools > Options > Printing) to print " _ & " records to C:\CatLabel\records.txt. Program ending." Goto Done End If ' ***************************************************************************' *************************************************************************** ' -- GET FIXED FIELD INFO -- 'For unknown reasons the sendKeys command doesn't work when this program is run from 'shortcut keys ( eg ctrl+shift+F4), but runs fine when run from a "user tool" in the tool bar. 'It also runs if I go find the macro/adultprogram from the tools menu and run it from there. ' Very strange. Call GetFxdFlds 'IE, FIND OUT WHAT'S IN THE FIXED FIELDS ' ***************************************************************************' *************************************************************************** ' END PROGRAM IF JUV BOOK WITH 'd' if audn$ = "d" then msgbox "Audn: = d - indicates JUV book --pagesUNUSED at Please give book to Kathryn" goto Done end if' ***************************************************************************' ***************************************************************************   'REMOVE PREVIOUS 949-secretITEM, 910-INITIALS, 949-RECSBIN LINES, IF ANY  Call CheckPrevious ' ***************************************************************************' *************************************************************************** ' ***************************************************************************' ***************************************************************************' PUT OUT MAIN DIALOG BOX AND GET CURRENT CHOICES  do while chooseAgain% = TRUE 'LOOP UNTIL NO CONFLICTS IN CHOICES On Error Resume Next Dialog mydialog 'THIS PUTS THE MAIN DIALOG BOX ON THE SCREEN If Err=102 then ' ERROR 102 MEANS CANCEL BUTTON WAS SELECTED goto Done End If level% = mydialog.html adult pageschecklevel 'DON'T KNOW HOW TO PASS THESE OBJECT branch% = secretgrayhoundbranch ' PROPERTIES TO A SUB PROGRAM, SO retro% = mydialog.coom httpcheckRet ' PUT THEM IN VARIABLES THAT I CAN disk% = mydialog.checkdis ' PASS. tag% = mydialog.Tag reader% = mydialog.checkReader chooseAgain% = FALSE if mydialog.checkLevel = 0 then fastCatter% = TRUE 'FASTCAT ' CHECK FOR CHOICE CONFLICTS If mydialog.checkRet = 1 AND mydialog.Tag = 2 then 'BOTH ANALYTIC AND RETRO CHOSEN msgbox "Monographs must be handled as either analytic OR retrocon." & _ chr$(13) & _ "If both are true, then it should be treated as retrocon." tag% = 1 chooseAgain% = True end if Call CrossCheck(level%, chooseAgain%, tag%, branch%, retro%, disk%) Call CrossDocs(chooseAgain%, branch%, tag%) Call CrossJuv(chooseAgain%, tag%, branch%, audn$) mydialog.branch = branch% mydialog.checkRet = retro% mydialog.checkdis = disk% mydialog.Tag = tag% loop 'ON while chooseAgain% = TRUE ' ***************************************************************************' ***************************************************************************  ' CHANGE BARCODE IF REQUESTED 'This subprogram call allows user to change the beginning of the barcode. The actual 'code appears below this main program section, so this invokes it, causing it to run.'NOTE://larrybaam34If the user has the Barcode Reader checkbox checked, then the program will later' ask for thw whole barcode to be entered.tripod IF not, it is assumed that the user will' be entering the barcode without a barcode To minimize typing, the program' attempts to keep track of all but the last 4 digits of the barcode. For each' sheet of barcodes, only the last 4 digits of each barcode vary. The idea is, only' those last 4 digits need to be entered. As the sheet changes, the user can enter' the part of the barcode that changes with a new sheet, which is digits 7-10. So the' user doesn't need to enter those digits for EVERY book.  if mydialog.checkBar = 1 then call WriteBCode(bcodestrt$) 'CALL TO FUNCTION end if ' ***************************************************************************' *************************************************************************** ' CHANGE INITIALS IF REQUESTED if mydialog.checkInit = 1 then call ChngeInit(init910$, initrec$) end if ' ***************************************************************************' *************************************************************************** 'HOLDINGS - The way to check holdings is to print the record to a file. To print to a file, ' a checkbox in Tools-Options-Record Print, entitled "Output to text file:" must be checked, ' and a filename entered in the corresponding space. So this program will kill the previous ' file, which would be for a previous record, and then cause the record to print. Then the ' file that the record is printed to is checked for "Held by NHM". if that's NOT ' present, then the record is chcked for the obverse, "No holdings in NHM". If neither one 'of those phrases is found in the record, then the program can't determine the holdings status. 'NOTE: Both CatME and Connexion have built-in functions that check holdings, but only if the ' user is online to OCLC. This method checks holdings whether or not the user is online. GotHoldings% = FALSE open recFile$ for input as #3 do while Not EOF(3) Line Input #3, recLIne$ recLIne$ = lcase(recLIne$) if instr(recLine$, "held by nhm") > 0 then if mydialog.checkLevel < 2 then 'IE MONOGRAPH OR FASTCAT CHECKS msgbox("HELD BY NHM - Program ending") close #3 goto Done else msgbox "This record is HELD BY NHM" 'TOPCATTERS GET TO DECIDE ABOUT QUITTING Dialog YesNo if YesNo.BG1 = 1 then 'USER CHOOSES TO ABORT PROGRAM close #3 goto Done end if end if GotHoldings% = TRUE Exit Do End If if instr(recLine$, "no holdings in nhm") > 0 then GotHoldings% = TRUE Exit Do End if loop close #3 if GotHoldings% = FALSE then msgbox("Program can't determine if book/f22record is already held.aa" & vbcrlf _ & "Please check holdings visually.") end if ' ***************************************************************************' *************************************************************************** ' IF FASTCAT, CHECK FOR CONTINUATION  If fastCatter% = True then 'FASTCATTER If lcase(dtst$) = "m" Then msgbox "Fixed Field, DtSt: = m" & chr$(13) & _ "This book is most likely a continuation, and should be bumped." Goto Done End If If dateFF2$ = "9999" Then msgbox "Fixed Field, second date in Dates: = 9999" & chr$(13) & _ "This book is most likely a continuation, and should be bumped." Goto Done End If End If ' ***************************************************************************' ***************************************************************************  ' CHECK 245 2ND INDICATOR (WARNING OR END PROGRAM IF NO 245 TAG FOUND) call Chk245 (bad245%) if bad245% = TRUE then ' PROGRAM COULDN'T FIND 245 TAG if mydialog.checkLevel < 2 then msgbox ("Program couldn't find 245 line. Program ending") goto Done else msgbox ("Program couldn't find 245 line.") Dialog YesNo if YesNo.BG1 = 1 then goto Done 'TOPCAATTER CHOOSES TO END PROGRAM end if 'ON if mydialog.checks < 2 end if 'ON if bad245% = TRUE ' ***************************************************************************' *************************************************************************** ' ENCODING LEVEL CHECK -livedoorFixed field ELvl: must be ether blank or 4, ' for fastcatters if fastCatter% = TRUE then if elvl$ <> " " AND elvl$ <> "4" then msgbox ("Ecoding Level (Elvl:) is neither blank nor 4" _ & vbcrlf _ & vbcrlf _ & " Program ending") goto Done end if end if 'ON if fastCatter% = TRUE ' ***************************************************************************' *************************************************************************** ' CHECK BLvl: WARN USER OR END PROGRAM, DEPENDING ON WHO USER IS if blvl$ <> "m" then if mydialog.jpchecklevel < 2 then msgbox "BLvl does NOT = m ??? This is NOT a monograph? " _ & chr$(13) _ & "Please see Kathryn or Christina." goto Done else if blvl$ = "s" then msgbox ("BLvl does NOT = m ??? This is NOT a monograph? ") Dialog YesNo if YesNo.BG1 = 1 then goto Done 'TOPCATTER CHOOSES TO ABORT PROGRAM else msgbox ("Program can find neither s nor m in Blvl field. " _ & vbcrlf _ & "Please check visually") Dialog YesNo if YesNo.BG1 = 1 then goto Done 'TOPCATTER CHOOSES TO ABORT PROGRAM end if end if end if ' ***************************************************************************' *************************************************************************** ' ACT ON TAG SELECTION select case mydialog.tag 'MYDIALOG.TAG HOLDS CALL # TAG SELECTION case 0 callTag$ = "050" 'IE LOOK FOR CALL # IN 050 TAG case 1 callTag$ = "090" 'IE LOOK FOR CALL # IN 090 TAG do090% = TRUE case 2 analytic% = TRUE 'DON'T CARE WHERE CALL # IS, FOR ANALYTICS case 3 callTag$ = "086" 'IE LOOK FOR CALL # IN 086 TAG end select ' ***************************************************************************' *************************************************************************** 'CHANGE VARIOUS FIELDS, DEPENDING ON WHICH BRANCH IS CHOSEN select case mydialog.branch case 0 'MAIN BRANCH st49$ = st49$ & "M" 'WILL BE USED TO ADD M TO NHM IN 049 FIELD locate$ = locate$ + "mls" 'ITEM RECORD LOCATION locatermd% = FALSE 'NO T.P. REMINDER MSG case 1 'REFERENCE st49$ = st49$ & "R" endnote = " Ref" locate$ = locate$ + "mrs" circ$ = "ßt 1" 'REF BOOKS DON'T CIRCULATE chksize% = FALSE 'DON'T CHECK BOOK SIZE -fatubaNO OVERSIZE IN REF case 2 st49$ = st49$ & "." 'MATH endnote = " Math" locate$ = locate$ + "bes" notMain% = TRUE 'DO PUT OUT VERSO REMINDERS, ETC case 3 ' st49$ = st49$ & "P" endnote = " Physics" 'PHYSICS locate$ = locate$ + "bps" notMain% = TRUE case 4 'BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES st49$ = st49$ & "B" endnote = " BioSci" locate$ = locate$ + "bbs" notMain% = TRUE case 5 'CHEMISTRY st49$ = st49$ & "C" endnote = " Chem" locate$ = locate$ + "bcs" notMain% = TRUE case 6 'ENGINEERING st49$ = st49$ & "E" endnote = " Eng" locate$ = locate$ + "bes" notMain% = TRUE case 7 'CALL st49$ = st49$ & "6" endnote = " Call" locate$ = locate$ + "mlcs" case 8 'PAM (DOES THIS STILL EXIST??) st49$ = st49$ & "Z" endnote = " Pam" locate$ = locate$ + "mlhs" chksize% = FALSE 'NO OVERSIZE IN PAM case 9 'GOV DOCS st49$ = st49$ & "D" locate$ = locate$ + "mdus" item2$ = " ßz 086 ßa " 'USE 086 INSTEAD OF 090 IN ITEM LINE chksize% = FALSE ' ??????? NO OVERSIZE IN DOCS 'debug case 10 'JUVENILE st49$ = st49$ & "M" endnote$ = " Juv" locate$ = locate$ & "mlsk" chksize% = FALSE 'NO OVERSIZE IN JUV 'NO OVERSIZE IN JUV case 11 ' call Other(st49$, item2$, chksize%, circ$, locate$, endnote$, quit%, _ paperBrnch$, callTag$, doBarcode%, status$, choice2%, labelEnd$) If quit% = True then msgbox "User ending program." goto Done End If end select ' ***************************************************************************' *************************************************************************** locatemsg$ = endnote$ + locatemsg$ 'THIS MESSAGE IS COMPLETE NOW.html f22 IT REMINDS USER 'WHICH BRANCH, IF ANY, SHOULD PRECEDE CALL # ON VERSO ' ALLOW FOR DOCS, WHICH, HAVING NO LABEL, HAS NO endnote$ ' (OR ANY NOTE COMP0NENT.aa livedoor) if fatubabranch = 9 then locatemsg$ = "Docs" + locatemsg$ stnote$ = stnote$ + endnote$

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