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NECode4lib 2012 Home

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10:20 Deborah Kaplan- Accessibility in Libraries<br>
10:40 Edward Iglesias and Debbie Herman - Distributing the Future: Makerspaces in Academic Libraries([ slides])<br>
11-11:15 - break<br>
11:15 Junior Tidal - Transitions: Moving from a PHP Flat-File Electronic Resources Manager to Drupal 6 Views([ slides])<br>
11:35 Lisa Sawin - Serendipitous Discovery: Leveraging Drupal Taxonomy to Increase the Visibility of Information Throughout Your Site([ slides])<br>
Noon-1:30 - lunch on your own<br>
1:50 Andrew Predmore - Linked From? [ Tiq Link Code]<br>
2:10 Ido Peled - Bed, Bath and Beyond: RESTful, SOAP and the World of Ex Libris APIs([ slides])<br>
2:30 Deborah Kaplan - CIDER: An Open-Source Collection Management System for Archives<br>
2:50 Amy Deschenes - Making the Library Catalog Mobile-Friendly([ slides])<br>
3:10 Sands Fish - In The Library With A Data Pipe: A look into how the MIT Libraries are evolving a data ecosystem<br>

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