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__NOTOC__= Code4Lib 2010 Committees = If you are interested in helping out with a particular part of the Code4Lib 2010 conference, sign-up for one or more of the groups below (called 'committees' for lack of a better term). Each committee should select a committee lead that will coordinate the activities of the committee and its work with the hosting site. Discussions will take place on the Code4LibCon mailing list. Please feel free to improve the summary statements for each of the committees. == Sponsorships Committee == This committee organizes the sponsorship activities. Usually it includes people within the Code4Lib community who think their institution or company might be interested in sponsoring the conference. These folks may not be the decision makers at the sponsors, but they are Code4Lib's contacts. * Kevin Clarke* Andrew Nagy* Roy Tennant == Keynote Speakers Committee == This committee plans who to invite for the keynote speakers. They gather possibilities (including soliciting from the community) and work with the speakers to arrange their travel and arrangements. * Kevin Clarke* Mike Giarlo (interested in liaising re: voting--will send email and reminders about voting)* Andreas Orphanides* Daniel Lovins (maintaining [[nominations list]]) == Program Committee == This committee plans the structure of the program, arranges the voting on presentations, etc. These folks will also announce speakers, etc. * Roy Tennant* Susan Teague-Rector* Mike Giarlo (interested in liaising re: voting--will send email and reminders about voting)* Gabriel Farrell == Scholarships Committee == This committee works with funding institutions to arrange the scholarships offered. They solicit submissions and select winners of the scholarship(s). They also work with the winners to plan their travel and arrangements. * Edward M. Corrado* Jean Rainwater* Brett Bonfield == T-Shirt Committee == This committee organizes the t-shirt contest, collecting submissions, and putting out the call for votes. * Mike Giarlo (interested in liaising re: voting--will send email and reminders about voting)* Rosalyn Metz == Social Activities Committee == The committee plans, proposes, and organizes the evening activities. * Kevin Clarke* Susan Teague-Rector* Bess Sadler == Voting Activities Committee == This committee organizes the voting process and works with the other committees that involve voting (keynote, program, T-shirt) to ensure a relatively smooth process. * Ross Singer* Mike Giarlo* Ed Summers = Documentation =To help with documention, no need to sign up, just start editing.* [[How To Plan A Code4LibCon]] == Documentation Interest Group ==Promote ongoing documentation efforts. * Jodi Schneider* Daniel Lovins[[Category: Code4Lib2010]]probably national thermal contribution security
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