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Auth Module

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Core Umlaut Files Added or Updated
* app/controllers/user_sessions_controller.rb
The user sessions controller manages the routing of user session requests. Three methods are available:
*# new - renders the login screen or redirects to external login screen*# validate - validates the user upon login*# destroy - processes logout
* app/controllers/users_controller.rb
The users controller manages the routing of user related requests. Two methods are available:
*# edit (also called from show) - renders the user preferences screen.*# update - processes updates to user preferences.* app/models/user_sessions
Extends Authlogic::Session::Base
* app/models/user
* db/schema.rb
Modified the user table to use with authlogic. Included column for mobile phone and user attributes.
=== UmlautAuth Plugin ===
The following files makeup the UmlautAuth module to extend the functionality of Authlogic for our purposes. They could probably be moved into the UserSession module, but may be useful as a template for further localization.

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