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2013 social activities

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Game Night!
** mbklein: definitely interested. Will check on my (currently unpacked) games. I am dying to play Cards Against Humanity. If we can't find a way to reconcile it with the Code of Conduct, we need a different Code of Conduct.
*** Considering that this is a public event, and that no one knows everyone's sensitivity levels in the room, it might not be a good idea to break out a crass, adult version of apples to apples in the middle of the gaming room. :cP (yo_bj)
** duspal: In. My board game collection is small but mighty (Arkham Horror, Catan, Vampire: Prince of the City, Deadlands: Battle for Slaughter Gulch, Arabian Nights , Diplomacy, Shogun, and Cosmic Encounter off the top of my head, amongst a few others). Let me know ahead of time if anyone is interested, since they're all relatively big...
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