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2010talks Submissions

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Building on Simson Garfinkel's work in Automated Document and Media Exploitation (ADOMEX), this project investigates digital curation applications of open source tools used in digital forensics. Specifically, we will be using [ AFFLib]'s fiwalk ("file and inode walk") application and its corresponding Python library to develop a basic triage workflow for accessioned hard drives, removable media, or disk images. These tools will allow us to create a simple, Web-based "digital curation workbench" application to do preliminary analysis and processing of this data.
'''Talk Title:'''
Do it Yourself Cloud Computing with Apache and R
'''Speaker name, affiliation, and email address:'''
Harrison Dekker, University of California, Berkeley,
'''Abstract of no more than 500 words:'''
R is a powerful and extensible open source statistical analysis application. Rapache, software developed at Vanderbilt University, allows web developers to leverage the numeric processing and graphical capabilities of R in real-time through simple Apache server requests. This presentation will provide an overview of both R and rapache and will explore how these tools are relevant to the library community.

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