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2010 Preconference Proposals

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draft of preconference proposals
== Proposals for 2010 Code4LibCon Preconferences ==

* Hacker 101/102/201/202 (Dan Chudnov and ??) - 1/2 day - a friendly session to help people still newish with the coding thing to get up to speed a little more

* Next Gen Catalog (?? and ??) - full day - the morning on solr, which many projects have in common, in the morning, and then in the afternoon have sessions that build on top of solr (vufind, blacklight, kochief, etc.)

* Solr (?? and ??) - half day - suggestions welcome for more intro level session or for a more advanced level session (or perhaps intro level in the AM and advanced level in the PM?)

* Serials Solutions Hackathon (folks from Serials Solutions) - full day or half day - Connecting Serials Solutions Fed Search, Link resolver or Summon to almost anything (such as OCLC, ILS systems, Drupal, whatever)

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