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2010talks Submissions

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Submissions for 20-Minute Talk Slots
Topics to be discussed include
o Components comprising a logical model, how it is developed and how is it used?o Components comprising a physical model, how it is developed and how is it used?o What does a logical model look like?o What does a physical model look like?o Who works with a logical model and why?o Who works with a physical model and why?o What is the relationship between the logical model and the physical model?o What kind of a time investment is required to develop and maintain logical and physical models?o What are the challenges of keeping the two models in sync as the software application evolves?
Although data modeling is a huge discipline and presents research topics for millions of theses and dissertations, this twenty-minute snapshot view will allow anyone, technical or business, to sit through a development meeting and be able to grasp what is being discussed as well as gain a better understanding of logical and physical business flows.

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