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2010talks Submissions

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In late 2009, we finally saw the (black)light, and after some initial experimentation, decided to build a new, public website to support our IMLS-funded /Vietnam: A Television History/ archive (as well as existing legacy content). In this session, we will share our experience of and challenges with customizing Blacklight as an archival interface, including work in rights management, how we integrated existing Ruby on Rails user-generated content plugins, and the development of media components to support a rich user experience.
'''Talk Title:'''
DAMS PAS - Digital Asset Management System, Public Access System
'''Speaker name(s), affiliation(s), and email address(es):'''
Declan Fleming, University of California, San Diego,
Esme Cowles, University of California, San Diego,
'''Abstract of no more than 500 words:'''
After years of describing our DAMS with Powerpoint, we finally have a public access system that we can show our mothers. And code4lib! The UCSD Libraries DAMS is an RDF based asset repository containing over 250,000 items and their derivatives. We describe the core system, the metadata and storage challenges involved in managing hundreds of thousands of items, and the interesting political aspects involved in releasing subsets to the public. We also describe the caching approach we used to ensure performance and access control.
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