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2010talks Submissions

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This talk will be based on my work creating themes for DSpace, as well as tips & tricks for customizing the look-and-feel for individual communities and collections.
Who knows, maybe someday a group of code4lib developers can create a whole library of themes for DuraSpace –similar to the WordPress or Drupal theme idea!
'''Talk Title:'''
HIVE: a new tool for working with vocabularies
'''Speaker name, affiliation, and email address:'''
Ryan Scherle, National Evolutionary Synthesic Center,<br/>
Jose Aguera, Universitty of North Carolina,
HIVE is a toolkit that assists users in selecting vocabulary and ontology terms to annotate digital content. The HIVE approach promises to combine the ease of folksonomies with the rigor of traditional vocabularies.
Users can search and browse through terms from a variety of vocabularies and ontologies in one integrated tool. Documents can be submitted to HIVE for automatic analysis, resulting in a set of suggested vocabulary terms.
Your system can interact with common vocabularies such as LCSH and MESH via the central HIVE server, or you can install a local copy of HIVE with your own custom set of vocabularies. This talk will give an overview of the current features of HIVE and describe how to build tools that use the HIVE services.
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