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2010talks Submissions

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More than just a facebook app or page, fbOpen is a complete implementation of the facebook system on a LAMP stack – Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP – which must be maintained by the institution itself. This project is at an early stage, so emphasis will be placed on the challenges of installation, configuration, and testing, as well as the pros and cons for institutions that are considering taking on a similar project.
== Kurrently Kochief ==
* Gabriel Farrell, Drexel University Libraries,
Kochief is a discovery interface and catalogue manager. It rests on Solr and a
Python stack including Django, pymarc, and rdflib. We're using it to highlight
a few collections at Drexel. They live at
I'll talk about the latest and greatest, including advances in the install and
configuration, details considered in the searcher's experience, and the
sourcing and exposing of Linked Data.

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