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2010talks Submissions

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Data for all: facilitating access to reference transaction data using web-based tools
* David Dahl, Emerging Technologies Librarian, Towson University,
Like many libraries, Towson University’s Albert S. Cook Library uses a homegrown web application to record reference transaction statistics into a Microsoft Access database. (Ours is informally called StatsTracker.) Previously this collected data was only available in a raw format within the database, limiting its usefulness to just 1 or 2 staff with knowledge of querying an Access database. These individuals were frequently asked to compile data to aid in the department’s decision-making. A recent initiative to make this data more publicly accessible (to internal staff) motivated the creation of a suite of web-based tools that aggregate and analyze collected data in order to make up-to-the-minute statistics available for use by the Reference Department. Using a combination of, SQL, Microsoft Chart Controls, and the Visual Web Developer (VWD) application for development, the StatsTracker Analysis Toolkit makes reference transaction data accessible and usable by any member of the department.
This session will cover the development process, demonstrate how VWD facilitated development, and present possibilities for further use of this combination of tools.
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