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Zoia or the Code4Lib IRC bot

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====What is Zoia?====
Zoia is the Code4Lib [ IRC (Internet-relay-chat) bot].
====Where did it get its name?====
It was named after the famous librarian, [ Zoia Horn], who is considered to be the first librarian ever to be jailed for refusing to divulge information that violated her belief in intellectual freedom.
====What does it do?====
The Zoia bot provides commentary, insight, support and diversions to participants on the Code4LIB IRC channel.
Documentation is sparse, incomplete, outdated, and occasionally only in the code of the bot's plugins themselves.
Unless, that is, you want everyone to watch you experimenting.
====Registering with Zoia====
Certain commands (for instance, ''tweet'') will only work if you have registered your IRC nickname with Zoia.
To do that, first send Zoia a '''Register''' command:
zoia: MrDys: kano's fatality: Hold BL,B,B,LP
====List of Plug-ins====
* To see this, private message Zoia with @list (and @more):
Acronym, Admin, Amazon, Anagram, Anonymous, ArtisanalIntegers, Assorted, Astro, AudioScrobbler, Babelfish, Band, Blame, Calais, Cast, Channel, ChannelLogger, Config, CyborgName, DBpedia, Debian, Delicious, Dict, Disclaimer, Disemvowel, Dunno, Eef, Etymology, FOAF, Filter, Fireworks, Fixit, Games, GasPrices, Gender, GeoIP, Git, Google, Greeter, Helpers, Herald, IPTools, Insult, Internet, IsItDown, Karma, Kombat, LCSH, Later, Levenshtein, LibraryThing, Linux, Lisppaste, Lolcat, Lolz, LoveHate, MARC, Math, Misc, Motivate, NACO, Nadsat, Nickometer, OCLC, Oblique, OpenDict, Owner, PDPC, Pinky, Pirate, Poll, Praise, Presidents, Quote, Reply, Sarge, Scrabble, Seen, Services, Sing, SocialGraph, StackEx, Stopwords, Tantrum, Todo, Traffic, Translators, TrueTrue, Twitter, TwitterSnarfer, URL, Uberblic, UnglueIt, Unicode, Unix, UrbanDict, User, WOTD, Web2, Webopedia, Wikileaks, WoGroFuBiCo, Wolfram, WordCount, WordStats, WrestlingName, Wunderground, Yelp, Yum, Zalgo, Zen, and Zillow
====Other Tidbits====
* To see available commands in each plugin, private message Zoia like this:
zoia: List of active #code4lib helpers (@help helpers for details): anarchivist, gsf, mbklein, mistym, rsinger, ruebot
====How to hack it====
Zoia's plugin code is on GitHub: []
You can modify existing plugins (git clone and submit a pull request, or ask in the IRC channel if there's someone who can add you to the repo).

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