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How to hack code4lib

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I used to feel mightily guilty about spending university money to sit in a presentation and feel like I got nothing from it. Adding the IRC back channel to my stream of awareness either helps me ping the crowd for more depth on the presentation, or helps me see that others are struggling as much as I am. Admittedly, the channel can be quite distracting, but if you let go and get all Zen and let it flow over and through you, you'll be surprised how much you come away with!
=== Take a sip from the firehose ===
Code4lib has a [ blog] to stuff in your feed reader. But if you want to see what's going on in code4lib check out the [ planet] aggregator of blogs from code4lib folks. If you have a blog and want it listed there ask jrochkind in [irc:// irc]. You can also follow [ code4lib on twitter], or consider following code4lib twitter users via code4lib lists from [ eby] or [ mjgiarlo]. And well there is a [ LinkedIn] group you can join.

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