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2013 social activities

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Game Night!
Moved this from idea to an actual event. Still getting some details, but here's what we know:
We have a conference room at the UIC library reserved for 7:30 on Tuesday the 11th. Game Night! Not sure how late we'll play. I'll bring some board Type of games might vary due to interest and pick up some cardswhat people bring. List below were people who were interested in Looks like interest right now is mostly on light to mediumish games and what games they are bringingwith a dash of abstracts ;).
(Note, there's also some discussion on Cards Against Humanity. I will try to make sure there's an alternative game, but I don't know if I want to prohibit any games. I would say though to remember to be respectful and curteous to those around you. I will probably be pondering this issue for a while)
This will get updated more as I We have time to spend a conference room at the UIC library (Richard J. Daley Library MC 234, 801 S. Morgan, Chicago) reserved for 7:30 on Tuesday the 11th. I'll try to show up at the lobby and hang out there for at about 7:15. I'll be the guy with a code4lib nametag and a box of games ;). Not sure how late we'll play, itlooks like the library is open till 1:00am, but I suspect I will for now put a rough ending time of 11pm.
(Note, there's also some discussion on Cards Against Humanity. Game Night! Type of games might vary due I will try to interestmake sure there's an alternative game, could range from party games like Werewolf, Wits & Wagers, Telestrations, Taboo, Apples to Apples but I don't know if I want to perhaps more strategic prohibit any games like De Vulgari Eloquentia or Eclipse. Jon Gorman is willing I would say though to bring some games, are you? Jon will try remember to send out an email soon be respectful and courteous to get some interestthose around you.I will probably be pondering this issue for a while)
I (Jon Gorman) will bring some board games and pick up some cards. Add your name to the list below if you're interested can bring games. Bringing games is NOT REQUIRED. If you can bring a game you can teach, that's great and will make sure we're not just stuck playing the games I bring. (I've added some comments to the game lists below)*jtgorman, aka Jon Gorman: I'll bring Time's Up: Total Recall, Tsuro, Hey, That's My Fish, Hive, and some more I haven't decided on yet. (My profile over at is jtgorman as well if you want to browse my games and make requests)* yo_bj: I have some games I can bring as well (Kill Doctor Lucky, Fluxx, Godzilla: Stomp, Munchkin Zombies, etc.). Monday doesn't have anything major planned...**danwho: I 'll bring the Cards Against Humanity set.**escowles (Mon/Tue preferred): I've got lots of games I could bring like Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride, Age of Renaissance, Elfenland, Agricola, Le Havre, Smallworld, RoboRally, etc. etc.** Take your pick! All good games. I'll try to finalize my list of games before Friday - JonG *jen_young: I'm local and I have quite a few games. Just about every version of Fluxx, Bananagrams, Gloom, Munchkin Cthulu,Cards Against Humanity, Apples to Apples, Risk, Last Night on Earth, etc.)**All good games! If you don't mind bringing a box that would be awesome. I particularly like Apples to Apples, Last Night on Earth and Gloom - JonG* decasm: Interested in Go (aka igo, weiqi, baduk) anytime, not just game night. I can do Catan as well. (And as much as I love it, Cards Against Humanity is probably a violation of the new Code of Conduct.)** I look forward to losing my first game of Go to you ;) - JonG* csharp: I'm interested in playing games - whatever people bring. I almost always travel with a pack or two of playing cards ;-). Monday or Tuesday nights are fine.** moneill: I would love to join in! I have a version of Catchphrase floating around somewhere, and I think I have Battleship...I need to go weed around in that drawer and see what else presents itself. Tuesday would be my preferred night, but I will make it work!** Don't worry too much about bringing a game if transportation is a problem. One thing I've done w/ stuff like catchphrase is not take the box but to put pieces and cards in a bag - JOn G* demiankatz: I'm always up for a game. I'm hoping to travel light so probably shouldn't bring anything, but if there's a local game shop, I might be persuaded to pick up something new as a souvenir.** Don't worry, I think there will be plenty of games - JonG* sekjal: I've got [ Dominion], [ 7 Wonders], [ Bang!], [ EcoFluxx] and [ Guillotine] that I can bring. ++ on Cards against Humanity! Prefer non-conflict with beer night.** Also all good games. I have 7 Wonders, but can bring some other games if you bring that. - Jon G* arty: so totally interested. Unfortunately, I have no games to contribute.** No prob.* sanderson: I would be interested. I can bring [ Citadels] (2-7 players)** Citadels would be awesome and means I don't have to bring it ;) - JonG* dvdndrsn: Definitely in! Can bring Innovation, Tichu, Dominion, but Cards Against Humanity sounds good. ** I'll put in a vote for Tichu, heard good things about it - Jon G * smkiewel: I'm likely to join. Can bring Arkham Horror and Munchkin.** Arkham Horror seems rather bulky to travel with, but if you want to play bring it ;) - Jon G* jkwilson: I'd like to attend Monday or Tuesday. I have a bunch of games but I'd prefer not to travel with them, and anyway it sounds like they're covered above. I'll bring the 5-6 player Catan extension.** ejlynema: Interested, but will probably attend Newcomer dinner on Tuesday. Like Dominion and 7 Wonders, but probably don't have room to bring in suitcase. Anyone bringing Tsuro?** I can bring Tsuro - Jon G* Christie Peterson (save4use): Also interested, but also probably attending newcomer dinner on Tuesday. Can bring [ Bohnanza] and one deck of [ Set]. **Bohnanza and Set would be awesome - JonG* dgcliff: I'd be interested. Can bring Ticket to Ride.** mbklein: definitely interested. Will check on my (currently unpacked) games. I am dying to play Cards Against Humanity. If we can't find a way to reconcile it with the Code of Conduct, we need a different Code of Conduct.*** Considering that this is a public event, and that no one knows everyone's sensitivity levels in the room, it might not be a good idea to break out a crass, adult version of apples to apples in the middle of the gaming room. :cP (yo_bj)** duspal: In. My board game collection is small but mighty (Arkham Horror, Catan, Vampire: Prince of the City, Deadlands: Battle for Slaughter Gulch, Arabian Nights, Diplomacy, Shogun, and Cosmic Encounter off the top of my head, amongst a few others). Let me know ahead of time if anyone is interested, since they're all relatively big...** If you really want to play Cosmic Encounter, I can bring my copy (Fantasy Flight edition, 3 expansions), just let me know - JonG*librarywebchic: I'm willing to bring a set and teach folks how to play Majhong. Need at least three to play though.**beatricep: Uno gets no respect. ;-) @librarywebchic: I have always wanted to learn to play Majhong. If you're still bringing it, I'm in!** Agreed, I don't know Majhong and I love learning new games. - JonG* jcraitz: I'm in after the newcomer dinner. I'll bring Citadels and Bang!**I think someone higher in the list offered to bring citadels, but won't hurt to have two copies just in case one of you don't show ;) - JonG I have to confess, I started trying to organize what games certain people were bringing, but it got confusing fast and I don't want anyone to feel compelled to bring anything or feel bad if they can't make it. So if there is something you're dying to play, let me know and I'll try to bring it if I have it.
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