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2013 social activities

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Game Night!
* decasm: Interested in Go (aka igo, weiqi, baduk) anytime, not just game night. I can do Catan as well. (And as much as I love it, Cards Against Humanity is probably a violation of the new Code of Conduct.)
** I look forward to losing my first game of Go to you ;) - JonG
** I'd love to learn Go. <del>Perhaps after the newcomer dinner? </del> Oof... won't make for Tues. But would still be interested to learn. --ranti.
* csharp: I'm interested in playing games - whatever people bring. I almost always travel with a pack or two of playing cards ;-). Monday or Tuesday nights are fine.
* moneill: I would love to join in! I have a version of Catchphrase floating around somewhere, and I think I have Battleship...I need to go weed around in that drawer and see what else presents itself. Tuesday would be my preferred night, but I will make it work!

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