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2013 game night

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Chinese tile game made up of three suits, two types of "honors": winds and dragons, and bonus tiles: seasons and flowers. Typically played with four players, the game is a little bit like Rummy but with tiles. You can find more detailed information on Wikipedia - There are several variations on rules and scoring. We're playing the Chinese version with "classic" scoring.
# Karen Coombs (T)
== Wandering Monster (7:45) ==
Brave adventurers explore a dungeon maze and you compete with other fearsome monsters to eat the most of them. It's a movement tactics game with plenty of chances to throw obstacles at other players through card play. This is home brew so no link on BGG yet, but you can get some of the flavor from the project blog: Good for 2-4 players so the designer can watch or play depending on interest.
# Alan Dyck (T)

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