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2013 preconference proposals

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=== DPLA Intro/Hacking ===
==== <s>Seminar Room A</s> 1-470 of the Daley Library</s>, 1:30 - 5:30 pm Mon, February 11====
* Presenter(s)/Leader(s): Nate Hill (Chattanooga Public Library, DPLA Audience and Participation Co-chair), SJ Klein (Wikimedia, OLPC, DPLA Technical Aspects Co-chair), Jeff Licht (DPLA Technical Development Project Manager)
The [ Digital Public Library of America] (DPLA) is an open source metadata repository that provides read-only access to millions of records from across the United States via an open REST API. All API queries are returned as JSON-LD, a lightweight linked data format, and the metadata is freely reusable under a CC0 public domain license. A front-end portal is currently under development and will be launched in April 2013, though it will serve as but one way into the DPLA’s data. The DPLA encourages the development of applications and tools by developers of all skill levels and backgrounds. In this workshop, participants will actively code against the API to make apps, visualization tools, plug-ins, and other interesting tools that make use of DPLA data.
Seminar A seems to be in use; <strike>we will meet at 1-470 for an intro and move to a separate space to hack</strike> Sticking with Seminar A (1:38 pm).
'''I plan on attending:'''

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