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2013 marc breakout

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No objections to moving Marc4j to GitHub.
Bob will talk to Bas about putting a "we've moved" notice in the old Tigris/CVS repo.
=== Other Issues ===
Current GitHub version is 2.5.1 beta.
Proposal: clean up/test, then start semantic versioning with 2.6.0.  Start release notes/change history file in repo. Joe will look into this.
Group decision: yes. No objections.
==== Test Coverage ====
Current level of coverage: unknown.
Possible project: borrow tests from other MARC libraries and adapt for Marc4j to improve coverage.
==== Continuous Integration ====
Simple solution: create Travis-CI hook in GitHub to run tests (probably using existing Ant script for now).
==== Dependency Management ====
We need to get Marc4j into the Maven central repository so that it can be easily included in other projects.
Bill Dueber will look at introducing Ivy for dependency management within Marc4j.
==== Simon's Pull Request ====
Simon Spero submitted a large pull request to rearrange code (including some Ivy-related work). Bob will review.

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