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2013 marc breakout

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Simon Spero submitted a large pull request to rearrange code (including some Ivy-related work). Bob will review.
==== Integration with Eclipse ====
Bob could use some help with checking code out of Git and getting it working in Eclipse.
== SolrMarc ==
=== Moving code to Marc4j ===
SolrMarc contains some custom MARC readers that are generic and reusable enough to better fit in the base Marc4j library. There were no objections to moving these up to Marc4j for greater availability.
=== Expanded Use of Mix-Ins ===
Bob has developed "mix-in" mechanism for writing custom routines in a stand-alone way. He would like to see more use of these in place of the custom system-specific examples. This simplifies the project structure and allows easier sharing of routines that may be useful to various members of the community.
Documentation is in progress, plus development of "SolrMarc mix-in development kit."
Some discussion of where mix-ins should live: as part of SolrMarc repo, or elsewhere? Would dependency management with Ivy (for example) help with this?
Demian volunteered to help refactor the GenericVuFind example to mix-ins as a first step in evaluating how to proceed; Tod is doing some mix-in work already and will help advise this process.
Naomi pointed out that we can trash the GenericBlacklight and Stanford examples as they are out of date and no longer in use.
=== Number of .jars ===
Naomi asked about the current situation of bundling most of SolrMarc into a single .jar; Bob stated that this adds some benefits and some restrictions/complexity. The one jar approach is a good way of avoiding "class not found" errors but it makes the build process more complex.
After Bill investigated Ivy for Marc4j, perhaps his new knowledge can be applied to investigating an alternative to the current complex Ant scripts.

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