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2013 Lightning Talks Signup

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# Megan O'Neill Kudzia -- games for pedagogy in the library
# Geoffrey Boushey - GEDI reference app for Inter Library Loan
# john sarnowski - [ Audio archiving with full text search]
# George Campbell - [ three.js: 3D Objects in the browser]
Enter ''Name'' -- ''Title of Talk''
# Jeremy Morse -- mPach: Publishing directly into HathiTrust# Mark Matienzo - title forthcoming (note: held off since I presented this year. if a non-presenter/newbie wants this slot, shoot me an email at mark.matienzo at gmail)
# Demian Katz -, Geeby-Deeby, and the Dime Novel Bibliography Project.
# Rachel Frick -- LODLAM Summit 2013 and Challenge
# Kenny Ketner -- Occam's Reader
# Al Cornish - Orbis Cascade Alliance Shared ILS Project
# Makoto Okamoto -- [ Crowd Funding for Library in Japan]
# William Denton - Code4Lib 2013 augmented reality view in Layar
# Rosalyn Metz -- What I learned while I was away
# Nettie Lagace -- recent cool fun NISO activities
# chuck koscher-- Fundref
# Andromeda Yelton -- I'll get back to you on the title ;)Five Conversations About Coding# Jeremy Morse -- mPach: Publishing directly into HathiTrust# Rob Dumas -- Git in Five Minutes
=== Thursday, 10:15-11:00am [9 slots] ===
Enter ''Name'' -- ''Title of Talk''
# Tim Shearer Mark A. Matienzo - 5 tools[http:/5 minutes# James Stuart / Taming Emailcode4lib-lightning-talk Wielding the Whip: Affect, Archives, & Ontological Fusion]# Jason Casden and Cory Lown - [ My #HuntLibrary]# Steven Anderson - Details TBA (likely clientside checksumming)[ Javascript Streaming Clientside Checksumming w/ HTML5 file upload]
# Will Hicks - Metadata entry beyond usability
# Kelly Lucas - Drupal as front-end to any Solr index
# Karen Coyle - Nerd Poetry
# Chad Nelson - checkmarc# Mark Redar - Django Dublin Core appand RecordExpress aka "Mullet EAD Maker"# James Stuart - Taming Email

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