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A new section for precon people:
* Anna Headley (Philly PA) have car but not attached to using it (won't fit 5 if we want to avoid violence -- 4 max)
* Gabriel Farrell (Philly, PA) have truck but it's old and doesn't get the best mileage -- (ain't no tesla roadster == Roommates == === Looking ===  <strike>Cody Hennesy is looking to be a roommate arriving Feb 21 departing Feb 25. chennesy at cca dot edu.</strike> === Offering === <strike>Becky Yoose - Looking for a roommate... Room booked from Sunday 2/21 to Thursday 2/25. Email me at yoosebj at muohio dot edu if interested.</strike> Gwen Exner - Looking for a roommate. Room booked from Monday 2/22 to Thursday 2/25. Email me at gwenexner at gmail dot com if interested.[[Category: Code4Lib2010]])
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