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== 1st Meeting (BPL) Past Meetings ==
=== When & Where 1st Meeting (BPL) ===
'''Date & Time:''' Tuesday, December 9, 2008, 9:00am-5:00pm
'''Signup:''' Feel free to declare your intention to join at the [ Upcoming event page].
==== What? ====
The current plan is to start the day with presentations and/or lightning talks. When we run out of those we can then break out into groups to discuss and experiment according to interests. Use the sections below for general ideas of things to do or actual topics or projects you'd be willing to present on.
* Introducing Scriblio's (still in beta) cataloging tools - Casey Bisson
==== Getting there ====
Follow the [ directions] to the Central Library. Go in, turn right, the conference room is on your left before you get to the cafe. If anyone's driving, may we suggest the garage at 100 Clarendon Street (next to Back Bay Station). Close by, and far less expensive than any of the other local garages. Or, search nearby parking at [] MBTA: Copley for Green Line, Back Bay for Orange Line or Commuter Rail.
* [ Location voting results]
==== Fallout ====
* A few notes by Gabriel Farrell at
== Future meetings meeting location suggestions ==
Suggest some other, future locations below. Something not too hard to get to for folks in all corners of the N.E. area would be best
* Ari Davidow (Jewish Women's Archive, Brookline)
* Martin Mehrling, Northeastern University Library Systems
* Mark Matienzo (Yale University)
== Meta ==
== Other Events Nearby ==
=== Future ===
* ALA Midwinter, 1/15/2010-1/19/2010 (Boston)
* [ New England Archivists]: 3/19/2010-3/20/2010 (Amherst)
* [ New England Technical Services Librarians]: 4/15/2010 (Worcester)
* [ The Politics of Open Source]: 5/6/2010-5/7/2010 (Amherst)
* [ USENIX '10] 6/20/2010-6/25/2010 (Boston)
=== Past ===
* NERCOMP Beyond Information Discovery Monday 11/3/2008* Mobile Mania: Developing information services for portable devices Wednesday 11/5 /2008 (Boston)* PALINET Open Source discovery systems day VuFind, Blacklight, Lucene/Solr applications Thursday 11/6 /2008 (Philadelphia)
* NYC METRO Science Librarians: Rutgers on authentic digital objects; NSDL on updates Friday 11/7 1:30 PM (NYC)
* OCLC/NYPL Labs Hackfest: Fri 11/7 /2008 & Sat 11/8 /2008 (NYC)* DLF Fall Forum, for DLF institutions: Weds-Fri 11/12-14 /2997 (Providence) === Future === * Five College-sponsored unconference 5/29 /2009 (Amherst, MA) -- date may change due to LibCamp* LibCamp NYC June 6/3 /2009 (Brooklyn College Library, Brooklyn, New York)

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