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Code4lib Mid-Atlantic

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== Governance ==
We want to structure the regional meetings to tailor to what the community wants -- be it more formal meetings with talks, roundtables, etc or just evening informal meetups at a downtown pub. To this end, we want to hear from YOU (you've read this far, so you must be interested). To be heard, just contact [ David Uspal (info below) ] or add jump onto the mailing list and send a post with your good ideas to the wiki belowCode4Lib Mid-Atlantic Good Ideas List (name, email address, affiliation and idea): *David K Uspal, davidDOTuspalATvillanovaDOTedu, Villanova University, Make a Good Ideas List under the Governance heading
== Contact Info ==
Inquiries or general comments can be directed to David Uspal at davidDOTuspalATvillanovaDOTedu

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