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Code4lib Mid-Atlantic

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Host a Code4Lib Mid-Atlantic Meetup
== Host a Code4Lib Mid-Atlantic Meetup ==
As well as volunteers, we're definitely looking for future hosts for our Last Wednesday of the Month meet-ups. April, May and , June and October 2013 are currently earmarked, but we're open after that. Typically, we meet in a conference room for one to two hours (having a projector and laptop/computer on hand recommended) and adjourn to a local restaurant or bar for a social hour. If you're interested in hosting, contact [ David Uspal] and he'll get you on the calendar.
To keep us "regionally diverse", we're trying to keep on a 3:1 (previously 2:1 , since updated) host schedule -- i.e for every two events hosted in Philadelphia, we'd like to get one outside the city as well. As such, we're especially looking for hosts outside the Center City Philadelphia area.
So far, our informal meet-ups have been "Quaker Style", aka anyone who has somethign something to say gets up and presents (no formal time limits, but keeping it 10-15 minutes to be polite.) Feel free to plan your future meetup in this fashion or feel free to experiment with the formula. We're an easy-going bunch, so feel free to has as you'd like.
== Past Conferences ==

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