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Social Events
We have made the following lunch reservations for ''both'' Thursday, May 23 ''and'' Friday, May 24 @ 12 noon. All reservations are under the name "Ryerson Library":
'''Salad King'''(Thai)
<br/>340 Yonge St
<br/>2 tables for 6
'''Queen and BeaverPub'''(Gastropub)
<br/>35 Elm St
<br/>1 table for 6
'''Paramount'''(Middle Eastern/Lebanese)
<br/>253 Yonge St
<br/>2 tables for 4
'''Milestones @ AMC'''(American)
<br/>10 Dundas St E, 4th floor
<br/>1 table for 4
==== Evening Dinner/Social ====
'''Wednesday, May 23'''
<br/>(likely Queen and Beaver Pub)
'''Thursday, May 24'''
<br/>Elephant & Castle
<br/>378 Yonge St
<br/>Upper mezzanine for 20-25 @ 5pm
=== Food Nearby ===

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