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2014 Invited Speakers Nominations

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Formerly a developer with, she recently left full-time work there to work to help people learn to code. I (Roy) would love to hear her talk about how to help people break into coding.
== David Silver ==
David Silver is an associate professor of media studies and environmental studies at the University of San Francisco where he teaches classes on media history, digital media production, and green media. David co-directs USF's Garden Project, a freshmen-to-senior living learning community built around an organic garden on campus. He blogs at He was the keynote at the TRLN Annual Meeting and talked about the importance of the Library as a keystone to his teaching of media studies, the Library as a keystone of collective curiosity and community action, and why we should enable students to contribute back to the Library. Some quotes I tweeted from his talk:
* "Too often library instruction starts at library databases. Librarians, this has to stop."
* "I want my seniors to contribute to the library, to give something back."
* "Whenever there is community curiosity and collective action, that's where the library should be."
I believe his keynote would be motivational in reflecting how what we do in Code4Lib is critical to Libraries support his mission as a professor and researcher, his students, and the community at large. Expect humor, humility, and creativity from David Silver.
Submitted by Tim McGeary, UNC

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